What do you get when You GIVE?

Question that no-one asks in choosing a corporate gifting product.

Yes! Gifts are a great way to seal the deal or to justify just perfectly how much the recipient means to you, but..what is it that you get back in return as an organization from these gestures? We've been trying to sell the answer of this one question since a couple of months to every new people we meet in my daily market cold calling.

1) Be it a physical product or a virtual gift card, either way you give out something that goes right from your pocket. When you gift something, you give a part of yourself to that person. Your pocket being very much a part of yourself. And when you do this, you should at least make sure that the gift you give continues to be yours forever, right? Like..a Honda bike, continues to be a bike from Honda all it's life, why can't your gift be YOURS all it's life no matter where it goes?

So how do we do this?

how gifting is like a bull riding competition.
  • First steps first, get your brand promoted on the product! It's like the bull riding competition. Bull being your giftware(Gifting product). So at least first be well seated on this bull to get your brand promoted. Get your brand logo and tagline printed on giftwares. (Image courtesy: www.buckinwild.com)
  • Second step, sit tight, maintain balance, the longer you stay on the bull, the more cheers and visibility you get in return. Use long lasting printing techniques to increase your reach. We provide top tech LASER printing which can even print complex logos with fine precision. This type of technique makes printing permanent.

You get back good references and the organic word of mouth publicity as an add on benefit along with making your recipient happy.

2) What is it that you give in the first place?

  • Utility Value! When we began our journey on providing gifting solutions to our clients, we've observed how the utility value has influenced the reach of a brand through giftwares. For example, We sell bottles. Yes, that's how it looks for an outsider when I talk about my company. But I know that's not just it. There are good bottles and bad bottles. A few are easier to carry, while many are not. We sell Utility through the best bottles. We help our clients find their place on such valuable products. And it's a win-win situation for both the company gifting it and the recipient receiving it because the summer is really hot here in India making it trending. So obviously due to high utility value, these products are getting a lot more visibility than traditional giftwares. We've also been customizing them at individual user level by providing name printed bottles. One finds a personal connection with this customized bottle.
  • There's no point in sitting on a bull that is not being viewed by anyone. Placement of the product in daily life is a very important factor. We've focused more on products that stay outside of the bag.. Limelight is important. So again, bottles tend to occupy a good placement. Tables, desks, dedicated side pouches in bags bring good visibility for our products.

We've personally been very critical about gift cards because I don't see the brand getting carried anywhere for a longer time. Gift cards and coupons do offer a good choice for the recipient but what is it that the brand offering it gets once these coupons are redeemed? Please let us know the counter part for this judgment if you can think of any in comments.. or if you've given out any gift cards earlier, how beneficial was this campaign.

3) Promote a lifestyle. A healthy one if possible?

Promote a lifestyle and you'll be remembered when the user hears about it again. We've been promoting only BPA free products so that the user overall has a healthy experience. Gifting a healthy product will bring a major health consciousness. Our few clients have in fact ordered our customized steel bottles for their children and nephews too because it promotes healthy values.

In the end, let's not forget..

 We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” —Sir Winston Churchill.

This is the art of gifting, while price point is always critical, we believe that the bargained gifts bring bargained results. On the contrary side, there are over priced products in market with a very low utility value and moreover, they don't even offer permanent printing solutions. So choosing a gifting product is quite a thoughtful task! And this is how Gift Suvidha helps you.

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